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Nothing is clear anymore
Lines are blurring.
We are living, but not knowing what for.
Somewhere, deep inside ourselves, there is a stirring.
It tells us to run away & break these chains,
Leaving everything behind & never looking back.
But how do we rid ourselves of these trials & pains? 
If only there was a way to let go;
To go to a place higher than Earth.

How To Kill An Optimist

She tries to push through
every long day.
With a smile on her face
& laughter in her voice.

But when she's all alone
She silently cries
her tears unshed.
Hopelessly wishing
for the end.

Maybe there will come a time
when her broken heart
doesn't darken her every thought.
But that is not now.

Now the tears fall, she lets them fall.
The blade slices
Sorrow cutting deeper
than metal ever can.

She can no longer stand it
The optimist crumbles.
- - -
This is my past, i've chosen to change.
i thought there was no hope
But now I now, that i C
Be a "used to be".

Broken Down

This is the break down
The point of no turn around
You don't know what to do
Your will to keep going
Was gone too long ago

You can't turn to anyone
They would never understand
But what if they did? 
What is there was someone out there
That truly cared?

Someone you could turn to
When doubts crash in
And you are sick from lonely worries
When your head aches
And your spirit breaks?

Here I am again,

Waiting, always waiting
Please, explain to me the point of this.
Tell me this life isn't all in vain
Please don't leave me hanging. 

I can't hold on much longer
Reality seems to grow harsher.
I want to deny the truth,
To say i am right

I am not right. 
I cannot be
That would mean
I have nothing left

To live
And never